Terms & Conditions

Wings Courier Limited Incorporated In England & Wales Company Registration No. 10178436.

1. Conditions and Definitions

a- All business is undertaken by Wings Courier is subject solely to these conditions which may be varied only by a director of the company in writing.

b- The term "The Goods" or "Goods" includes all and any descriptions given by the company, such as by not only, delivery, van load and consignment. 

2 Warranty Of Agency

The customer warrants that it is either the owner of the Goods which are the subject of the contract as well as of any packing and equipment associated therewith (all of which are herein referred to as "The Good") or is authorized by such owner to accept these conditions on the owners behalf.

Sub-contractors and Employees

The company may sub-contract all our part of the business. The company contracts for itself and as agent to the trustee for its employees and every reference here in after to the company shall be deemed to include every such employee and sub contractor with the intentions that they have the benefit of these conditions.

Loading and Unloading

a- It is the responsibility of the customer to satisfy himself that the goods he wishes to have carried shall be suitable for conveyance in the vehicle ordered by the customer and provided by the company and the customer accepts the vehicle offered by the company for the carriage of such goods. The company will accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the unsuitability of such vehicle.

b- When collection or delivery takes place the company shall not be under any obligation to provide any plant, power or labour in addition to the company's driver required for loading or unloading at any premises.

c- The company shall not be required to provide service beyond the usual place of collection or delivery, which is designated as the ground floor reception or loading bay. In the event that goods have to be collected or delivered to other points in a building or on a site and such service is given by the company, any loading or unloading may be charged at the discretion of the company at its prevailing rate. Additionally it shall be at the risk of the customer who shall indemnify the company against all claims and demands whatever, which could not have been made if such service had not been given.

d- Good requiring special appliances for loading and unloading from the vehicle by which they are carried are accepted for carriage only on condition that such appliances are made available by the customer at pickup and delivery.

Time Limit For Claims

The company will not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods unless the claim is made in writing and received by the company within 14 days after the commencement of transit.

3 .Transit

a-  Transit shall commence when the Carrier takes possession of the Consignment, whether at the point of collection or at the Carrier premises.

b-  Where the Carrier at the request of the Customer loads a consignment on one day for delivery on the next working day so that the Consignment is stored in a vehicle, transit shall commence and storage shall be deemed to end when the vehicle begins delivery.

c-  Transit shall (unless otherwise previously determined) end when the Consignment is tendered at the usual place of delivery at the Consignee address PROVIDED THAT:

d- If no safe and adequate access or, if applicable, no adequate unloading facilities there exist, then transit shall be deemed to end at the expiry of one hour after notice by telephone of the arrival of the Consignment at the Carrier premises has been given to the Customer.

e- When for any other reason a Consignment cannot be delivered or when a Consignment is held by the Carrier to wait order or upon any like instructions and such instructions are not given or the Consignment is not called for and removed within a reasonable time determined by the Carrier, then transit shall be deemed to end at the expiry of such reasonable time.

Same Day Deliveries

'Same Day Delivery' means where the customer requests and the company agree to collect and deliver a consignment on the same day. If the customer requests delivery on the next or subsequent days the same day charges still apply. The company reserves the right to charge storage at its prevailing rate.

Money Back Guarantee

a- Where the company fails to effect delivery of the goods within its published transit time, a credit equivalent to the cost of carriage will be allowed to the customer.

b- The company shall be relieved of its obligation where failure to deliver within the specified time period is due to circumstances beyond the company's control e.g adverse weather conditions, non sailing of vessels, absence of consignee, insufficient packing or addressing, accident traffic, booking in and deliveries to container bases, wharves docks and private residence.

c- The company shall be relieved of its obligation where the customer has failed to insert the correct postal address (including the full postcode) on the consignment note and/or goods.

Terms of Trading

Payment is due from the customer within 30 days of the date of invoice. Where payment is not received by that date the company reserves the right to impose a surcharge on all outstanding balances at the rate of 2.5% per month and debit any discount given.

Non-Delivery of Goods

In the event of the company being unable to deliver due to premises of consignee being closed or not accessible for any reason, the company will endeavor to contact the customer for further instructions. If for whatever reason the company is unable to do so the goods will be returned to the company's premises for safekeeping, this journey is to be at the customers expense. In all cases where additional journeys are required, they are to be at the customers expense.

General Lien

The company shall have a general lien against the owner of the goods for any monies whatever due form the customer or such their owner to the company. If any such lien is not satisfied within a reasonable time the company shall give 14 days notice in writing to the customer of its intention to exercise a power of sale over the goods. At the end of the period if monies are still due to the company it may at its absolute discretion sell the goods or part thereof, as agent for the owner and apply the proceeds towards the monies due and expenses of the retention, insurance and sale of the goods and shall upon accounting to the customer for the balance remaining to be discharged from all liability whatever in respects of the goods.


Value Added Tax

All charges quoted by or advertised by the company excluded value added tax.

Waiting Time Charges

First 15 minutes are free for loading and off-loading afterwards charges will be applied.


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